Bouddi Gallery - Contemporary Aboriginal Lifestyle Art

Bouddi Gallery opened in Killcare, NSW in 2007 and respectfully acknowledges the Darkinjung peoples of the Central Coast of Australia on whose land the gallery is located.

Bouddi Gallery - Contemporary Aboriginal Lifestyle Art, is a social enterprise, representing artists from Aboriginal Art Centres and businesses working in partnership with them. 

Art Centres are non-profit community organisations, owned and governed by Indigenous artists and are a vital part of community life in remote areas of Australia. Art Centres ensure ethical support for the production, marketing and distribution of authentic Aboriginal art.

Buying artwork and licensed products from Aboriginal-owned Art Centres means you are supporting families, jobs, community and the next generation of Aboriginal artists.

As a supporter of the Indigenous Art Code, Bouddi Gallery is committed to ethical and transparent business dealings with Indigenous artists and working together to keep art, culture and country strong.

Indigenous Art Code

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