Jean Baptiste Apuatimi - Tokwayinga and Pukamani Pole

Jean Baptiste Apuatimi - Tokwayinga and Pukamani Pole

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Artist: Jean Baptiste Apuatimi (AKA Jeannie)

Date of Birth: c. 1940 - 2013

Code: 213-04

Year: 2004

Title: Tokwayinga and Pukamani Pole

Story as told by Jeannie: Tokwayinga, when people start to dance they hold the Tokwayinga in their mouth to start the ceremony, when people die, only one story made about this. Pukumani dance, at the finish of the dance they pull the Tokwayinga out, after dance. Both are for Pukumani Ceremony.

Skin Group: Tapatapunga (March Fly)


Dance: Buffalo

Art Centre: Tiwi Design, Nguiu, Bathurst Island, Northern Territory, Australia

Medium: Ochres on canvas

Size: 50 x 115cm

Stetched: Yes

Provenance: Tiwi Art - Aboriginal and Pacific Art - Private Collection


This artwork belongs to a private collector and is available for viewing through Bouddi Gallery.

Artworks are carefully photographed in order to portray the piece as accurately as possible.

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